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Estate Planning

You work hard to make your business successful and reap the rewards. Estate planning takes both into account and requires a broad view and a proactive, tailor-made approach.

Continuity of family business

Advice on your current situation, optimisation of your assets and guidance in a family business succession. The continuity of your family business will always be the guiding principle.

Structuring private assets

We assist with the planning and structuring of your private assets, no matter how complex and/or specific.

Broad view

Estate planning is about more than saving tax. What is your situation today, how are your assets structured and what are your intentions going forward? We carefully chart all aspects of your situation and ensure that there is a balance between protection and tax optimisation.

Dynamic approach

Planning everything in one go is not feasible as both your assets and your outlook will change as you go along. Estate planning is dynamic and needs to be monitored and adjusted if necessary.

Simplicity is a virtue

We avoid unnecessary complexity. Our advice is comprehensible and purposeful and should help you and your family move forward and be practical.

Proactive follow-up

Successful inheritance planning must be applied in practice. We follow it up on your behalf to ensure that any necessary transactions, entries, formalities and actions are executed correctly and on time.

What can you expect from us?

  • A tailored approach taking into account all aspects of your asset
  • Proactive follow-up
  • Advice and assistance with business succession and family charters
  • Tax optimisation in the areas of inheritance and gift tax, income tax, etc.
  • Collaboration with experts in specific fields