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General conditions


  1. MOORE LAW is a company with limited liability (BV) under Belgian law, with registered office at Esplanade 1 box 88, 1020 Brussels, CBE (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) 555.651.236
  2. The Belgian lawyers working at MOORE LAW are authorised to practise the profession of Lawyer in Belgium and are all registered with one or more Bar Associations, depending on the jurisdiction where they are established, as specified on the letterhead and the website
  3. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the services provided by MOORE LAW, its partners, employees and trainees and by any other persons who cooperate with MOORE LAW or for whom MOORE LAW is responsible
  4. The client undertakes to provide any data and information, substantiated with exhibits as and where necessary. The client is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided to MOORE LAW by him/her/it or on his/her/its behalf. The client undertakes to inform MOORE LAW of any procedural initiatives in good time and to transfer to MOORE LAW without delay any possible deeds which are made known to and/or served on the client within the context of judicial procedures and/or disputes
  5. All clients’ cases are considered to have been entrusted to and handled by MOORE LAW exclusively, also if cases are expressly or tacitly intended to be handled by a certain person. The assignment shall be deemed to have been provided indefinitely, unless expressly agreed otherwise or results from the nature of the  assignment that it has been provided for a certain period of time or for a particular project. The assignment may be terminated in writing by each of the parties at any time
  6. MOORE LAW shall make all possible efforts as dominus litis to obtain the result intended by the client but cannot provide any guarantees in this regard. MOORE LAW always aims to provide the best assistance possible and accurate counsel in accordance with the current state of the legislation, case law and legal literature, but cannot be held liable for any incorrect or fraudulent intentions on the part of the client, as a result of which improper use may be made of the assistance provided
  7. MOORE LAW handles exclusively for the client’s benefit any cases entrusted to it. Third parties cannot derive any rights from the work performed and the results thereof
  8. Rates exclude general office expenses (6%) and exclude 21% VAT and specific case-related expenses
  9. MOORE LAW invoices are payable within 30 days after invoice date. If the client does not agree with the amount invoiced, he/she/it must protest in writing within 8 days. In case of failure to pay by the due date, the interest referred to in the Law on Combating Late Payment of 2 August 2002 and a 10% increase of the overall amount are automatically owed
  10. If the client engages a legal expenses insurance company, he/she/it remains obliged at all times to pay the invoices to MOORE LAW for the proportion of the invoices not paid by the legal expenses insurance company
  11. If the client receive a low income or benefit, he may claim the appointment of a lawyer through the Office for Legal Assistance (BJB). Information about income limits can be found on
  12. MOORE LAW, its partners, employees and trainees have a professional liability insurance with EthiasInsurance , through the Flemish Bar Council, and MOORE LAW has taken out additional insurance with AIG Europe, Pleinlaan 11, 1050 Brussels and Ethias, Rue des Croisiers 24, 4000 Liège. The policy provides worldwide cover for activities which insured parties carry out from their registered office in Belgium, with the exception of claims lodged against the insured parties in the US or Canada
  13. The liability of MOORE LAW, its partners, employees and trainees is limited to the amount of the professional insurance policies signed by MOORE LAW and within the limits of the cover. The insured amount is currently EUR 3,750,000. Insurance for a larger amount can be taken out for a specific dossier at the explicit request of the client, provided that the client pays an additional premium. In any event, any claim to compensation for damages lapses if said claim is not lodged with the competent Judge within a year after the facts on which the claim is based became known or could reasonably have become known
  14. Subject to an explicit proviso to the contrary, MOORE LAW is not liable for any work performed by third parties which it engages
  15. Documents, messages and data of any nature whatsoever which MOORE LAW sends to the client by email are not encrypted, regardless of whether or not they contain confidential information. Any electronic communication, with the exception of attachments in PDF signed on behalf of MOORE LAW, is purely indicative and cannot lead to any liability on the part of MOORE LAW. MOORE LAW makes reasonable efforts to protect emails and attachments against viruses or other defects that could cause damage to a computer or IT system. However, it is part of the client’s responsibility to take all the necessary measures to protect and safeguard his/her/its computer or IT system. MOORE LAW does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that could result from receiving, not receiving, using or not using electronic communication or documents from MOORE LAW
  16. If MOORE LAW and any persons engaged in handling a client’s case, including former employees (and their heirs), are held liable after having left MOORE LAW, they can invoke these General Terms and Conditions
  17. Depending on the nature of the services that MOORE LAW must deliver to you, MOORE LAW might be required to respect the legislation and regulations on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing. In such a case, MOORE LAW is mainly obliged to collect information on the identification of the client and to respect a of vigilance with regard to the client. In this context, MOORE LAW is required to obtain information about the identification, the characteristics of the client and to the object and nature of the transaction and to retain this information during 10 years. MOORE LAW can, in view of this, proceed to controls using external electronic databases. The client is aware of the extensive identification obligations imposed by applicable preventive anti-money laundering legislation and accepts that the involving costs and fees will be charged. This procedure requires the cooperation of the client and oblige clients that work under the form of legal entity or other legal arrangement to inform their lawyer of whom is the beneficial owner behind this legal form. The client will inform MOORE LAW of any changes to his or her status. The client will deliver the information requested by MOORE LAW on first request. The information you provide to us will only be used to comply with our legal obligations. If the client refuses to provide the information, after it was requested, MOORE LAW will not be able to enter into the business relationship and, if we already have delivered some services, we will have to terminate our further intervention. In addition to this, the anti-money laundering legislation requires a lawyer, under certain circumstances, to inform the President of the Bar of possible suspicions of money laundering or of the financing of terrorism in which the client may be involved. MOORE LAW shall not be liable to the client for the consequences of any reporting that is done in good faith
  18. MOORE LAW can adapt these terms and conditions from time to time and without prior notice. The adapted conditions apply to all subsequent legal relationships with the Client
  19. Belgian law applies exclusively to all legal relationships between clients and MOORE LAW
  20. Parties shall aim to settle any disputes amicably. If you have a complaint, you may initially consult with the lawyer handling your file or with one of MOORE LAW's partners at the address, telephone and fax number or by e-mail as stated on our website. If no solution is found after consultation, you can contact the Ombudsdienst Consumentengeschilen Advocatuur (OCA), Staatsbladstraat 8 in 1000 Brussels, telephone 02 307 72 20, telefax 02 307 72 21 and e-mail You can also contact the President of the Bar Association of which the lawyer concerned is a member. Only the Courts of Brussels have jurisdiction, without prejudice to the right of MOORE LAW to take legal action before the Courts of the jurisdiction of the client.