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Adapting your company to new challenges sometimes requires a thorough restructuring/simplification of your corporate structure. We guide you step by step, taking into account all legal aspects and the financial impact on your structure.

Full support

As an entrepreneur you will encounter various milestones over the course of your active career. An acquisition, the creation of a new entity, a transfer to the next generation, division of assets, etc. Irrespective of the kind of restructuring or simplification you wish to implement within your company group, you can rely on our fiscal, corporate law, accounting and administrative guidance.

Numerical analysis as a basis

Starting from a numerical analysis we will accompany you during any kind of restructuring, e.g.:

  • A merger of group companies
  • Divestment of part of the assets to another entity
  • Transfer of a branch of activity with separation of business assets
  • Capital transactions

This enables us to outline the impact of a planned restructuring/simplification project on your company’s financial status from the outset.

Clear communication

A restructuring/simplification project has a significant impact on your company structure, which is why we communicate at each stage of the process to ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of your dossier and gradually become familiar with the new structure.

What can you expect from us?

  • Legal assistance and advice with any kind of restructuring/simplification of your corporate group
  • In-depth financial analysis in advance
  • Fiscal, company law, accounting and administrative guidance
  • Proactive and open communication and consultation during each stage of the process