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Tax Law

Being an entrepreneur, you will be aware of the importance of taxation in both your business and private life. We are familiar with all aspects of tax legislation and will provide support for all tax related matters.

Tax law

We are at your service in all areas of tax law, both national and international. Irrespective of whether it involves you as an entrepreneur, a private individual or a company.

Income tax, VAT, registration fees, inheritance tax, regional taxes, succession planning, property taxation, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, etc. You can rely on us for any tax related aspects that are relevant to Belgian companies and their shareholders, including foreign companies operating within Belgium.

Tax disputes

Our lawyers will represent you providing appropriate expertise in any disputes concerning direct and indirect taxation and other tax-related matters in any potential proceedings.

Tax disputes are initiated long before they reach the courts, which is why we will defend your interests vis-à-vis the tax authorities as soon as a possible dispute arises. Many tax disputes can be resolved without recourse to the courts. We have the experience to make the most of a likelihood of an amicable solution.

Tax regularisation

If you have assets abroad which the Belgian tax authorities are not aware of, we can provide the expertise to help you regularise the situation. Following an in-depth analysis of your legal status, we will look for an appropriate solution within the legal framework. You can count on both procedural and technical assistance in negotiations with the competent authorities.

Fiscal and financial criminal law

If your business activities result in contact with criminal financial law, we can offer appropriate support during both the criminal investigation and the actual proceedings.

What can you expect from us?

  • Carefully considered advice on all aspects of national and international tax law
  • Defence in any tax dispute related proceedings, in court and if settled amicably
  • Longstanding experience in tax regularisation
  • In-depth knowledge of financial crime
  • Preventive tax advice and guidance