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Sherpa Law to become Moore Law

Thursday 24/06/2021
Persbericht Moore Law

The digital transformation and increased regulations have made business an evermore complex process. In order to be able to provide companies with the best possible advice, irrespective of the issue, the legal firm Sherpa Law will be working even more closely with Moore Belgium, the country's largest independent accounting and consulting firm. This new strategic approach has also entailed a change of name, and henceforth Sherpa Law will be known as Moore Law Belgium. Both companies aim to use their complementary expertise to assist companies as they grow.

PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 24 June 2021

Legal advice becomes integrated and pragmatic business advice

Sherpa Law was founded in 2014 and has offices in Antwerp and Brussels. The company established an excellent reputation in the legal world and has undergone steady organic growth in the last few years. As of now, the company will continue operating under the banner Moore Law Belgium, underscoring the integrated approach of legal and business advice, hand in hand with Moore Belgium. The legal firm can also rely on the services of the international network that Moore Belgium is a part of.

A multidisciplinary company's companion

Moore Law supports entrepreneurs and businesses at multiple phases, from the initial idea to providing advice and drawing up contracts all the way through to the best possible support in the event of a conflict. The firm plays a role in all disciplines that fall under commercial law – tax law, HR, company and business law, mergers and acquisitions and asset planning.

Tom Vanraes, managing partner of Moore Law Belgium, only sees benefits from this bolstered strategic partnership. 'Companies do not want to miss out on opportunities, but they still want to manage the risks,' he said. 'And this means our role is to voyage together with these businesses so that they achieve their objectives. In recent years we have observed that legal advice and strategic business advice are increasingly paired, and that is why we decided to adopt a multidisciplinary approach, when and where necessary and beneficial, together with Moore Belgium's specialists. This approach will do full justice, literally and figuratively, to every entrepreneur and company.'

Meanwhile, Jo Roseleth, managing partner Tax & Legal Services Moore Belgium, was exceptionally enthusiastic about the partnership with Moore Law Belgium. 'There are various aspects to this partnership – we will be keeping each other sharp and smart, challenges are handled together, and of particular importance is the fact that we are complementary. We always adopt the same logic: sometimes a client or business partner needs a consultant, while at other times they need a lawyer. But the underlying idea is that we are always seeking out added value, for the clients, for our business partners and for ourselves.'

Peter Verschelden, chairman of the Board of Directors of Moore Belgium, was also delighted with the news. 'The fact that Moore Law Belgium has joined forces with us means that we have an extremely enthusiastic, driven and experienced team of lawyers aboard as a strategic partner of Moore Belgium,' he said. 'Aside from sharing the same vision and outlook when it comes to customer-orientation, the human and team-oriented approach of Moore Law is also striking. We have already built up an excellent partnership with the firm in the past, and in the future this rejuvenated cooperation under the Moore banner will result in added value for all our clients.'

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